Planning For the Next Disaster

Survivalist kits can be used to reduce your risk of catastrophic loss. No matter where you are located, and what the dangers are, you can make your home safer and more secure by having a survivalist kit. It’s a fact that many disasters have been averted and are becoming less common by building, putting together, and using a survivalist supply kit.

The information in this article will provide you with practical advice on surviving and dealing with disaster situations. A survivalist kit should include food, water, blankets, flashlights, first aid supplies, torches, batteries, flashlights, lanterns, matches, incense, natural foods, fire-starter, matches, toilet paper, hypoallergenic soap, and of course, plenty of water. Of course, this is just a basic list of items for one person. If you have more than one person, add another set of items, but in that case, only include basic items.

People with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems should seriously consider having an air purifier. A good air purifier will significantly reduce the risk of developing an asthma attack during a disaster situation. Not only will having a purifier reduce the chances of such an attack occurring, it can also help your family member recover faster if one does occur.

During hurricane season, many areas of the country experience flooding. This would be the perfect time to have a plastic storage bin filled with non-perishable food items, such as canned goods, rice, beans, meat, and any other non-perishable food item that you can produce. In addition, storing them outside might save you from a direct hit.

Have an emergency shelter and be sure that everyone knows about its location and that they know how to get there if they are trapped, for instance, by flood waters or by a hurricane. If you plan to use the kit to build a shelter, have at least two sets of pallets on hand. The more pallets, the better.

Have a set of electric lights on hand and an early warning radio, so that you can see at a distance in case a disaster strikes. Some people choose to use hurricane lanterns to light their way when they are stranded. There are other devices you can purchase that can provide enough light to read a map, whether or not there is water available to you.

Think about medical supplies and how you will use them if you are forced to use them. In the event that your life is in danger, remember that your health is more important than anything else, so always take precautions to protect your health.

Keep emergency contact numbers close at hand and, if possible, have them ready to hand. The best thing is to have a designated person who is your “safety net” in the event of an emergency. This person can either be your family member or your personal friend.

It is a good idea to have a complete list of first aid supplies on hand as well. Take some simple precautions to prevent a bad injury or death that can result from poor first aid techniques. Remember that first aid is not a small thing; it is much larger than the situation at hand.

Planning a day trip to where you live can be a great way to prepare for a disaster. Plan on being home for the majority of the day. As a matter of fact, it is even better if you can travel within your city and do some maintenance on your home while you are there.

The best thing to do is to start stockpiling emergency survival kits as soon as possible. It may not seem like a lot of money, but a small supply is an investment you can make that could be very helpful when disaster strikes.

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Survival Gear For Your Family’s Trip

After a severe snow storm the last thing you want to do is head out in your car to buy survival gear. This is especially true if you have a large family or a group of friends that are planning to go on a trek or tour. Having survival gear such as snow shovels will help keep everyone together and prepared for anything. You can use them whether you are staying in your own home or in a tent during your trip.

Survival gear includes an assortment of items that will allow you to survive. It may not be enough to last through the night, but it will be a great deal better than heading out into the woods to find your way back home if things get really bad. The following survival items can keep you from going crazy and get you through the storm and the wilderness:

A Survival Kit – This kit will include items that will be useful in case of an emergency. It is crucial that you have a survival kit when you are on the road. Do not take chances that you might end up stranded. If you know someone that is in the same boat, you could both help each other out. The kit should include the items listed below.

Food and Water – These are essential in survival for your family. It is important that you have plenty of food on hand so that everyone can eat. However, if there is a fire, you can always have a water source to help you stay alive. Take extra water and food with you on your trip and make sure to carry them with you.

Emergency Kits – Be sure to include some essential survival items that will help you deal with an emergency. Have the basic supplies that you will need to get through one if not two days, including first aid. Be sure to have all of these items so that you do not run out during your trip.

First Aid Items – These items can be purchased at your local store, or they can be bought online if you are patient. The first aid kit should include gauze bandages, sterile water, insect repellent, band aids, antibacterial cream, analgesics, bandages, an antibiotic ointment, and more.

Emergency Shelter – This includes the essentials of shelter in case you are caught in the wild during a storm. These should include a tent, a sturdy bedroll, blankets, and other gear for shelter.

Water Purification System – A water purification system is needed in your survival kit to help keep your body from getting dehydrated. Buy a purifier that comes with a 24 hour purifier, to keep you hydrated for the whole day if necessary. Purifiers can be found at your local hardware store or at your favorite website online.

Essential Survival Tips – Get These Today

When the recession struck, a lot of people lost their jobs, and the survival tips were definitely a lot less varied than they are now. There was less to depend on for help. The economy was about to take a turn for the worse, and many citizens were fearful.

Because most of us took our normal routines for granted, we didn’t think that something as unexpected as a job loss could happen to us. We saw it coming.

Many of us don’t have the same kind of mindset today to survive when the economic problems hit. With this in mind, there is a danger that we become so stressed out that we end up fainting. This happens every time there is a crisis as seen on

It’s important that we take this time and re-evaluate our financial situation and consider how we can work to improve our ability to survive a crisis or even an economic downturn. Being prepared is the key to surviving any crisis. Here are some of the basics.

  • Install a portable battery backup or some other kind of back up source of energy, such as a solar panel. This will allow you to run lights in your home and keep some sort of heat in your living quarters.
  • Have a first aid kit and emergency medications ready at all times and always know where they are. It’s a good idea to have them within reach.
  • Be able to notify your family of your emergency at least 24 hours in advance. If your loved ones are in another city or state, try to make arrangements to meet them so they can be on their way to your location if needed.
  • Set a budget for your emergency situation. By setting a budget, you will be less likely to go over. Know exactly what you can afford for food, medical care, and other essential expenses, and stick to it.
  • Know your resources and do not rely on them too much. Try to be flexible with what you are using to help you survive. It may not be possible to rely on friends and family.
  • If possible, try to keep to a certain budget. Do not cut corners on any of your other needs. No matter how much money you may have saved in the past, it will not be sufficient in a crisis situation.

Emergency preparedness is a lifesaver when the chips are down. It’s also fun! It can be a life saver!

Preparedness is our first line of defense in this uncertain world, and one of today’s survival tips is to learn what the most common home emergencies are, and how to protect ourselves in these situations. We may be facing dangers like fires, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, thieves, vandalism, fire, etc.

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