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Empowering Oregonians to Win Fair & Effective Climate Policy 

Oregon Climate is a volunteer-driven organization that empowers Oregonians to win fair and effective climate policy, building the model for a timely global transition to a clean energy economy.  

Inspired by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby and founded in 2013, Oregon Climate is run by a board of young leaders that support focused grassroots organizing statewide. We jointly recognize the urgent need for legislation to curb our current climate trajectory, and unify our diverse strengths behind a plan that can work. 

Our state can be the model for a root solution to climate change and carbon pollution.  We believe the states are the laboratories for democracy, and Congress needs an effective model to craft federal legislation.  Oregon can lead the country with the most cost-effective climate policy available: a carbon tax or "fee" on fossil fuels. Returning all revenue from a carbon price to Oregonians in an annual check will power a just, swift and lasting transition to a new economy.

Oregon Climate presents our state with the chance to trailblaze the path to environmental and economic stability, and empowers each of us to realize our potential to tackle this issue together.  It is time for Oregonians to come together and take responsibility for our shared future. We invite you: Join our community, and power the movement! 

"The world thirsts for one nation, one state, to place a flat fee across all polluting carbon fuels. Oregon Climate just might lead the world toward that goal."

- James Hansen, Former Head of NASA Goddard Institute 



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    A Call to the Millennials

    Savanna, Megan and Sydney at the carbon pricing lobby dayFrom the time I was in high school, I have heard my peers say they wish it was possible to go back in time so we could all live in the tumultuous and defining decades of the 1960s and 1970s.

    It was a revolutionary time and to be part of a revolutionary time means that you are able to be a visible part of history. Those of the Boomer Generation have many fascinating stories of their adventures, the opportunity to protest, of walking out of the classroom to stand for something and to exercise a new sense of agency that was unique to their context. It sounds magnificent and if it was possible to go back and picket, to carry my convictions of equality and effective policy in the streets of our nation, I would.

    But as William Faulkner said, “The past is never the past.” The youth today, the new upcoming generation Millennial, has a revolution in their time. We don’t have to go back in time to be part of a protest, to rise to the occasion and demand what we deserve. What we deserve is a future. Every generation before us was simply guaranteed this but as we are increasingly seeing on the news, on social media, and whenever we go outside, is that our future is not as certain as our parents’ and as our grandparents’ were. Millennials need to rise in solidarity and act in concert to ensure our future and the possibility of our children’s.


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