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The Future of The Climate Movement

The security of our food, our water and the natural world is under threat by the most profitable industry in history. It's time to hold Big Oil and Big Coal accountable for their recklessness. Just like you and I pay to put the trash on the curb, polluters should pay for the right to dump waste into the air. A price on carbon will encourage conservation and level the playing field for clean energy. Oregonians can win when funds from pollution are returned to us in regular checks!
The Pollution Payback will protect our environment, stimulate the economy and provide a model to other states and the nation.

Polluting our air should not be free! Join our movement today.

Make no mistake, the fossil fuel industry will resist us every step of the way. We can only win a carbon dividend for the people of Oregon if you and I step up and make a difference.

We invite you: Join our community, and power the movement!

"The world thirsts for one nation, one state, to place a flat fee across all polluting carbon fuels. Oregon Climate just might lead the world toward that goal."

- James Hansen, Former Head of NASA Goddard Institute 



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