Oregon Climate

Empowering Oregonians to Win Fair & Effective Climate Policy 

  • We support focused and informed civic action for a sustainable society.
  • We are inspired by the promise of a carbon fee & dividend to keep carbon safely underground, incentivize conservation, and scale up renewable energy -- and put money directly back in Oregonians' pocketbooks.
  • We believe Oregonians can catalyze the national climate policy the world is ready for.

It's time for a real price on fossil fuels. It's time to jumpstart American innovation. It's time to stabilize our climate.

A fee on carbon solves the root problem of underpriced carbon energy that is damaging our health and homes. Returning revenues from the fee straight to Oregonians as a dividend will power a just, swift and lasting transition to a new economy.

How could this common-sense climate safety plan benefit you and your community?  Join the Oregon Climate movement or contact us to learn more!

"The world thirsts for one nation, one state, to place a flat fee across all polluting carbon fuels. 

Oregon Climate just might lead the world toward that goal."

- James Hansen, Former Head of NASA Goddard Institute