Essential Survival Tips – Get These Today

When the recession struck, a lot of people lost their jobs, and the survival tips were definitely a lot less varied than they are now. There was less to depend on for help. The economy was about to take a turn for the worse, and many citizens were fearful.

Because most of us took our normal routines for granted, we didn’t think that something as unexpected as a job loss could happen to us. We saw it coming.

Many of us don’t have the same kind of mindset today to survive when the economic problems hit. With this in mind, there is a danger that we become so stressed out that we end up fainting. This happens every time there is a crisis as seen on

It’s important that we take this time and re-evaluate our financial situation and consider how we can work to improve our ability to survive a crisis or even an economic downturn. Being prepared is the key to surviving any crisis. Here are some of the basics.

  • Install a portable battery backup or some other kind of back up source of energy, such as a solar panel. This will allow you to run lights in your home and keep some sort of heat in your living quarters.
  • Have a first aid kit and emergency medications ready at all times and always know where they are. It’s a good idea to have them within reach.
  • Be able to notify your family of your emergency at least 24 hours in advance. If your loved ones are in another city or state, try to make arrangements to meet them so they can be on their way to your location if needed.
  • Set a budget for your emergency situation. By setting a budget, you will be less likely to go over. Know exactly what you can afford for food, medical care, and other essential expenses, and stick to it.
  • Know your resources and do not rely on them too much. Try to be flexible with what you are using to help you survive. It may not be possible to rely on friends and family.
  • If possible, try to keep to a certain budget. Do not cut corners on any of your other needs. No matter how much money you may have saved in the past, it will not be sufficient in a crisis situation.

Emergency preparedness is a lifesaver when the chips are down. It’s also fun! It can be a life saver!

Preparedness is our first line of defense in this uncertain world, and one of today’s survival tips is to learn what the most common home emergencies are, and how to protect ourselves in these situations. We may be facing dangers like fires, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, thieves, vandalism, fire, etc.

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