Survival Gear For Your Family’s Trip

After a severe snow storm the last thing you want to do is head out in your car to buy survival gear. This is especially true if you have a large family or a group of friends that are planning to go on a trek or tour. Having survival gear such as snow shovels will help keep everyone together and prepared for anything. You can use them whether you are staying in your own home or in a tent during your trip.

Survival gear includes an assortment of items that will allow you to survive. It may not be enough to last through the night, but it will be a great deal better than heading out into the woods to find your way back home if things get really bad. The following survival items can keep you from going crazy and get you through the storm and the wilderness:

A Survival Kit – This kit will include items that will be useful in case of an emergency. It is crucial that you have a survival kit when you are on the road. Do not take chances that you might end up stranded. If you know someone that is in the same boat, you could both help each other out. The kit should include the items listed below.

Food and Water – These are essential in survival for your family. It is important that you have plenty of food on hand so that everyone can eat. However, if there is a fire, you can always have a water source to help you stay alive. Take extra water and food with you on your trip and make sure to carry them with you.

Emergency Kits – Be sure to include some essential survival items that will help you deal with an emergency. Have the basic supplies that you will need to get through one if not two days, including first aid. Be sure to have all of these items so that you do not run out during your trip.

First Aid Items – These items can be purchased at your local store, or they can be bought online if you are patient. The first aid kit should include gauze bandages, sterile water, insect repellent, band aids, antibacterial cream, analgesics, bandages, an antibiotic ointment, and more.

Emergency Shelter – This includes the essentials of shelter in case you are caught in the wild during a storm. These should include a tent, a sturdy bedroll, blankets, and other gear for shelter.

Water Purification System – A water purification system is needed in your survival kit to help keep your body from getting dehydrated. Buy a purifier that comes with a 24 hour purifier, to keep you hydrated for the whole day if necessary. Purifiers can be found at your local hardware store or at your favorite website online.

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